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7 Figure Flipping Award?

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What Are the 
7 Figure Flipping Awards?

Awards are presented every year at Flip Hacking LIVE, our flagship 3-day breakthrough event for house flippers and wholesalers.

This year’s award show will be bigger than ever. If you think you’ve met the criteria for a 7 Figure Flipping Award, learn more and apply below!


What Awards Can You Achieve?


This award is for Runway Members who have flipped or wholesaled their first house within the past 12 months. They have already gone farther than 99% of people ever will… and undoubtedly learned a lot on the way.

This award marks a HUGE milestone… so let’s celebrate it! Hit the button below to apply for the 1st Deal Award. 


This award is is for Runway members whose business has achieved liftoff by reaching the goal of flipping or wholesaling 10 houses within the past 12 months. This award is also to recognize those who have recently graduated from Runway to the Altitude group. 

If you’ve reached this level of success, let’s tell the world!! Hit the button below to apply for the Liftoff Award. 


This award is for Altitude Members who have hit 7 figures of income in 1 year. The 7 Figure Club Award recognizes real estate investors who have earned $1,000,000 or more in gross profit flipping or wholesaling houses over the past 12 months. You can apply for and earn a 7 Figure Club Award each year that you qualify.

If you’ve reached this level, you’re a true “7 Figure Flipper.” This award is our way of commemorating that achievement. Hit the button below to apply! 


This award is for Altitude Members who truly feel they have reached a level of freedom. The Freedom Award symbolizes the achievement of true freedom in your real estate business and in your life. This is the capstone award and applications undergo a very strict selection process. You can apply for a Freedom Award each year that you qualify.

To qualify, you must be a member of the 7 Figure Altitude mastermind group for at least one year and meet 1, 2, or all 3 of the freedom criteria listed below…

  • Financial Freedom: Your life choices and pursuits aren’t constrained by money. You have the income to live the life you want, on your own terms. You are effectively “retired” from a financial standpoint, as your income isn’t tied to a salary but rather to a business you own or passive streams you control.
  • ​Impact: You’re able to give back in abundance to your community and to the causes you support. This “giving back” could take the form of financial donations, or direct personal involvement, like volunteering, mission trips, mentoring, and more. You’re focused on leaving a legacy of good, and on bettering others around you. You give back generously and consistently.
  • Time Freedom: You aren’t tied to the hustle or the grind of building or running a business. You’re able to spend your days doing what you want, where you want, when you want, with the people you love. You’re able to prioritize your life and give your time and attention generously to non-income-producing activities, like family, hobbies, travel, charitable causes, and more.
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